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“The hope is to build bridges and inspiration between worlds through the action(s) of the arts” – personal mandate

  • Working internationally across various regions and territories, from the UK to the US, Europe, South Africa, and South Pacific – welcoming your interest, collaboration, and opportunities in what would be a fruitful creative and campaign experience from conception to execution.

Mustashrik Mahbub is a multi-award winning British-Bangladeshi, Cambridgeshire and London based, Artist & Director. A graduate of Graphic Design and Communication with Applied Arts from the Surrey Institute of Art & Design in the UK, he cut his teeth working with London’s elite advertising agencies and production houses, assisting on the visual and conceptual development of creative campaigns for brands such as Stella Artois, Absolut, Coca-Cola and Diet Coke, before moving in to Media Production.

He would go on to then co-created one of 2011’s most talked about commercials for Muller called “Wunderful Stuff”. A commercial campaign which saw the cultural rejuvenation of Roger Hargreaves much loved classic characters, Mr Men and Little Miss, Hannah-Barbera’s Yogi Bear, Mutley and Wacky Races. Continuing to impress with his unique attention to detail and intense directorial vision, project for clients commenced – Louis Vuitton, Chloe, NOS Energy, Michael Kors, Salvatore Ferragamo, UBS, and a multi-award winning campaign film for Girl Effect called “Invisible Barriers” in close collaboration with Freuds PR and Partizan, to bring about the important topics of equality, diversity, and empowerment/support via community.

Outside of classic media formats, a variety of live-multi screen visual performances for musician Ed Sheeran was created for his live tours (One and What Do I Know); which have been presented at various concerts since 2013 up to 2018 thus far. A special addition to these live visuals, Castle On The Hill, was debuted with high-industry praise at The BRIT Awards 2017 and the iHeartRadio Awards in Los Angeles.

Over these years, he has been featured in Rolling Stone, Campaign, Ad Week, STASH, Shots Magazine, Art Review, D&AD and Bloomberg News, while his animations have been nominated and winning at various film festivals (Annecy, KLIK, Kinsale, Encounters etc). Miscellaneous – Mustashrik Mahbub has scaled the peaks of Mt. Kilimanjaro, creating artwork in aid of a great cause to support Reporters Without Borders, in a campaign sponsored by W+K Amsterdam and Heineken – this voyage was documented in a mini-film. Supporting his works as an adaptable image-maker, is also an original manga adaptation of Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare which is available to purchase at all good bookstores and online in a 209 page opus – this graphic novel is listed within the American Library Associations, Top Young Adult books published since 2001, sitting alongside seminal luminaries in the graphic novel section.

Last year, Mustashrik has directed the latest music video for Elvis Costello’s “Suspect My Tears” (2018). To launch 2019, he has created the film-content and visual merchandise campaign for Mont Blanc* called #Unforgettablekiss, to celebrate love and romance this Valentine’s Day (2019).

A vibrant-staccato-animation for Latin Grammy Winners Flor de Toloache was debuted on Rolling Stone magazine along with a new contribution to Ed Sheeran’s world tour for his song Beautiful People.

On an educational front, Mustashrik has held creative workshops in Cape Town as a guest of the Open Book Festival in 2013, London at The Sir John Soane’s Museum and ICA, storytelling and mythmaking in Mykonos, and character design in Murcia during it’s mammoth Manga Festival, to name a few.

Recently, he has had the pleasure/honour of being Jury President for the Adobe x LAD Bible competition at D&AD Newblood 2019  for a brief called “Creativity For Social Good” – the application of the arts to generate debate and though for causes. In recent times, he has just wrapped a music video, produced in Paris, France, for new french electronic hip-hop duo, Sein, called “Ultra” as well as completing artistic contributions to a book of poetry this winter. The book itself is a close-collaboration with word poet/songwriter IN-Q, and is being published by HarperOne, with an international publication/release next year, March 2020. The book is called “Inquire Within” and features original artwork created solely by Mustashrik Mahbub.

He has just completed with Bootleg Films a short “DNA” Film for The Macallan for The Edrington Group. And parallel to this production, a new official music video for Katy Perry “What Makes A Woman” has been relesead from her new album Smile via Partizan Entertainment (US).

In 2021, he will serve as a professional industry Judge, on the panel for Direction at the D&AD Awards (Design and Art Direction).

  • Fun Fact! Mustashrik has a head full of hair, is neither 5ft or 6ft+ and loves coffee, kanelbullar, rocks a couple of tattoos, and has had his passion for drawing and building things since he can first remember.
  • Fun Fact 2! Mustashrik in the 90’s as a young boy struck up a three-year correspondence with a Marvel Comics Editor who critiqued and helped encourage his enthusiasm for visual storytelling.
  • Fun Fact 3! Mustashrik has scaled various mountain peaks including Mount Kilimanjaro for charitable causes with an easel and art-board slung on his back.


*Full C.Vitae and Biography available on request.


Animation Director & Illustrator | US Navy “Make Your Name” campaign films

Director and Illustrator | Katy Perry “What Makes A Woman” music video

Director, Illustrator, Designer | The Macallan Brand DNA film

Director, Illustrator, Story | 7JAWS x SEEZY “Accro” music video

Director and Illustrator | Sein “Ultra” music video

Director, Designer and Animator | Ed Sheeran “Beautiful People” World Tour Animation

Director and Designer | Flor de Toloache “Besos de Mezcal music video

Director, Story, Animation | Belle Mt “Origins” music video

Director, Story, Animation | Mont Blanc “Unforgettable Kiss” animation

Director, Story, Design | Elvis Costello “Suspect My Tears” music video

Animation Director & Designer for Original Show | THE BRIGHT FIGHT online series (2018) with AT&T Hello Lab/Fullscreen Inc.

Director, Designer & Producer | UBS Spartipps (saving-tips) animations

Director – Amnesty International | “70th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights” film

Director & Producer | Salvatore Ferragamo “Year Of The Dog” animations

Director & Producer – Hyundai Mercury Prize 2017 | “Musical Landscapes” with Glass Animals

Director & Producer – Ed Sheeran | Official 2017 “Castle On The Hill” live performance short/ animated film

Director & Animator – Ed Sheeran | Official 2017 “What Do I Know?” Divide World Tour Visuals

Director & Producer – Jaguar Skills feat Wide Awake “Fly” music video

Director – AT&T presents Public Records “Jasmine’s Story” Fighting For You

Director, Designer & Animator – GirlEffect.org film “Invisible Barriers” short film

Director, Producer & Illustrator – Autoglym film and packaging relaunch “Gift Collection”

Director & Producer – 350.org ‘Redlines’ film

Director, Producer & Animator – Ed Sheeran ‘One’ live music-visuals

Director, Producer & Designer – Michael Kors’ Mothers Day #whatshewants clip.

Director, Designer – NOS Energy Drink ‘Days To Live’ brand film

Director, Producer & Illustrator – Chloé Fall/Winter 2014 Runway Teaser

Director, Designer and Animator – Louis Vuitton’s ‘Lunar New Year video’ 2014

Director – Adidas NEO “#divein” campaign sting

Co-Director, Animation Director and Designer – Muller ‘Wunderful Stuff’

Director – Ladyhawke ‘Anxiety’ album teaser

Director – Punks Jump Up ‘Blockhead’ music video

Co – Director – Lion O’Brien “Four Stages of Heartbreak” music video

Artist and Protagonist – Heineken ‘The Legendary Posters’


*The Drum Creative Awards 2017 – Craft Animation, Highly Commended for Mercury Prize

*KLIK Animation Festival Winner 2017 – Best Voices in Commissioned Films

*The Lovie Awards 2017 – Internet Video : Invisible Barriers, Bronze

*Kinsale 2016 – Best Animation in International Film Craft, Bronze

*American Library Association – Top 1000 YA Book(s) published since 2001


*OFFICIAL SELECTION – CINANIMA International Animation Festival 2017

*OFFICIAL SELECTION – ENCOUNTERS Film and Animation Festival 2017
*OFFICIAL SELECTION – SUPERTOON International Film Festival 2017
*OFFICIAL SELECTION – LINOLEUM International Animation Festival 2017
*OFFICIAL SELECTION – BAFF British Animation Film Festival 2017
*OFFICIAL SELECTION – NYC 14th Animation Block Party 2017
*OFFICIAL SELECTION – Annecy International Animation Festival 2016
*OFFICIAL SELECTION – Manchester Animation Film Festival 2016
*OFFICIAL SELECTION – East End Film Festival 2017


Scorpios/San Giorgios, Mykonos, Greece

The ICA London

UK The Sir John Soanes Museum

London, UK Fairgrounds

LDN/The Indytute, London

UK Open Book, Comics & Literature Festival, Cape Town, South Africa

Murcia Manga & Comics Festival. Spain

Shakespeare In Shoreditch East London Word Festival Shoredich, London, UK


100 Pieces, Los Angeles, California, USA

Pictoplasma x Xanadu, Berlin, Germany

Art Sells, Cannes, France

The Truman Brewery, London, UK

The Japanese Embassy, London, UK

Heineken’s Legendary Posters Exhibition – Stedlijk Museum, Netherlands











The Drum

Food & Wine


LBB Online


Campaign Live

Bloomsberg News

Rolling Stone Magazine


Animation Magazine

Shots Magazine

Art Review

The Stable


01. Manga Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar”

MetroMedia/Self Made Hero/Abrams


02. IN-Q’s “Inquire Within” (as illustrator)

HarperONE/Harper Collins



“In line with romance, love, fairy tales, heroes and heroines, great adventures are amongst the main sources of inspiration of London based artist and film director, Mustashrik Mahbub. His travel background and talented illustrations of horses naturally brought Louis Vuitton to collaborate with him on this occasion”.

– Louis Vuitton

”I am a big fan. Talent first came to my attention with Manga Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar. Amazing stuff.”

– Miles Millar, Writer & Creator of CW’s Smallville, MTV’s ‘The Shannara Chronicles and Into The Badlands

“Partizan Director Mustashrik lead the race with a stunning animation for Louis Vuitton. Inspired by traditional art, this beautiful piece combines the translucent smokiness of Chinese watercolour paintings with dramatic inky slashes of Chinese calligraphy. This makes us very happy”.

– LBB Editorial Team

“I would like to commend Mustashrik at the highest level for his contribution to the Estethica project for London Fashion Week…As a new initiative the British Fashion Council set up an area a LFW dedicated to eco-sustainable principles…Mustashrik has been an integral part of the fashion industry which views Estethica as a movement within society not a trend within the fashion industry”.

– The British Fashion Council

“…the artwork is fantastic … and it is not instantly recognisable as manga at all. With its sketchy style it reminds me more of a wayword Brit comic of the 70s and 80s but it is beautiful, mysterious, and engaging … the art and words amplify each other”.

– David Kendall, Leading Visual Literacies Consultant (April 2009)

“What truly shines in this work… is the superlative visualization by newcomer Mustashrik. Working in stark white and inky black, he has created a spare but intense landscape that mirrors the emotions of the characters, and combines a sense of dreamlike isolation with a minimal backdrop that suggests a stage on which the drama is normally enacted. Using shadow, he has managed to make the assassination simultaneously graphic yet subtle, and by alternating tight focus and long shots, and using a thick brush to exemplify expressions, he has fittingly crafted a visual tour de force of Mark Anthony’s speech. Especially for the more artistically minded, this is a raw, striking, and powerful introduction to Shakespeare”.

– Published by the American Library Association.